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Congratulations! Maintain your Amazing Results & Embrace your New Life-Style!*

You may be scared to death of eating normally again, and you may be worried about gaining your weight back. Do not worry, we’ve got this!  The hardest challenge in weight loss is to actually KEEP the weight OFF! Studies consistently show that maintaining weight loss is a greater challenge than losing weight.  Don’t sweat it . . . the team at Total Health is dedicated to help you conquer this challenge.*

Barbara has invested in the powerful approach of “Ideal Protein’s Lifestyle of Maintenance Program.” Research shows that dieters that stabilize and maintain their great weight loss results are successful over the long haul for three reasons:

happy with maintaining her weight

They have a plan.

They stay connected to their coach.

They prioritize their new lifestyle.

First, each dieter sets a “trigger weight number” that would signal a call for help.  Then, seventeen (17) structured visits are scheduled over the course of the following year after weight loss has been achieved with Barbara and her qualified team.  Bottom line, Total Health holds your hand! We cross the finish line in victory together.

The maintenance journey looks like this . . . Weekly visits in the first month of maintenance; bi-weekly visits in months two and three; and monthly visits from months 4 – 12. During these personal coaching sessions, victories and challenges are identified, how to eat and shop are suggested, good and bad food combinations are explained, and the role of healthy exercise is encouraged,  Coaches are there for you, celebrating successes, helping overcome setbacks, and above all, guiding and educating you to ensure your new healthy weight.

Barbara and her team have worked with hundreds of dieters to achieve their weight loss and wellness goals.  With our enhanced maintenance approach, Total Health is taking a giant step forward in fulfilling our sincere commitment to you, maintaining your much deserved weight loss and living your healthier lifestyle.

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*Individual weight loss and fat loss results may vary.

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