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If you have been struggling to shed stubborn fat around your belly, hips, bottom, or thighs that refuses to disappear no matter how much you diet or exercise, you may want to consider Zerona body shaping.  Zerona is zero pain, zero surgery, and zero downtime!  Offered as a more affordable fat reduction therapy, Zerona is one of Total Health’s key wellness services.  There are no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time.

What is Zerona Body Shaping?

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Zerona body shaping is a non-invasive laser therapy that targets those stubborn fat cells that refuse to shrink regardless of your efforts. During the procedure, cold laser technology is used to emulsify fat to allow it to be naturally removed by the body’s lymphatic system. You’ll experience none of the negative side effects associated with surgically invasive procedures like liposuction. Zerona body shaping is a painless procedure that produces results within only a few treatments.  Zerona clients feel energized and invigorated by the clinically proven release of ATP cellular energy while reducing the size and slimming the shape of their bodies during their treatments.

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During the Zerona body shaping procedure, low-level laser diodes are used to target problem areas like the stomach and buttocks. Most doctors have patients lie on a comfortable table for 20 minutes on each side as five scanning lasers are simultaneously applied to the target areas. Clinical trials confirmed the amazing effects that Zerona had on fatty tissue and cells.  Many patients are surprised to experience a reduction in the size of fat cells within 2 short weeks. Imagine being inches smaller so quickly!

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Who Should Consider Zerona Body Shaping Therapy?

Zerona body shaping is an excellent option if you have been dieting, eating healthier, or exercising, but still are not satisfied with the way your body looks and feels. Zerona treatments target your problem areas, shrinking fat cells and boosting cell metabolism, so you achieve the results you desire and deserve. The best part is that cells continue to shrink for weeks to come, especially if you are enjoying a healthy lifestyle.


Zerona body shaping is a great option if your hips and bottom are part of your problem fat areas. While other cold laser therapies, like SculpSure, are unable to effectively target and treat these stubborn areas, Zerona gets the job done at a fraction of the cost.


Zerona body shaping works best for those seeking a genuine lifestyle change. Unlike the sur liposuction procedure, fat cells are not removed. They are simply shrunk.  Imagine a bunch of large grapes that Zerona shrinks into small raisins.  This means that if you want to continue to experience the positive effects of Zerona body shaping therapy, you should embrace better eating habits, be less sedentary, and make exercise a priority in your life. Simply walking 30 minutes a day is enough to amplify the effects of the therapy.


Experience the Benefits of Zerona Body Shaping Today

Total Health Wellness Center offers Zerona body shaping therapy in Memphis that energizes and slims your body at an affordable cost. The procedure is painless, and many patients opt to listen to their playlist, catch up on their emails or nap during sessions. The best results are achieved with twelve treatments over a period of two to four weeks. However, we’ll work with you to craft the best custom treatment plan for your needs and busy schedule.


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