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What is Whole Body Vibration (WBV)?

It refers to the action of the whole body being exposed to vibration through a vibrating platform.  It allows patients to gain all of the physiological benefits of exercise and therapy, but in a condensed time frame.  There are 3 main ways in which a WBV platform can operate and PowerVibe successfully produces all 3:




Vibration therapy was first used in ancient Greece, advanced in the early 20th century, and evolved in the current day Space and Olympic programs. WBV works like a “wake up call,” stimulating blood circulation, oxygen flow, stretch reflexes, and musculoskeletal structure.

woman using body vibration

Dr. Ken and Barbara prescribe WBV for overall health and wellness, lymph drainage, localized fat burning, circulatory & vascularity improvement, injury rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and better results in less time.  Patients experience many health and wellness benefits, as well as, many fitness and beauty advantages.

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