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Total Health showcases the golden standard of body composition analysis – Tanita, the trusted 20+ years of experience leader.  Tanita’s FDA-cleared, advanced non-invasive, bioelectric impedance technology accurately measures over 20 health and fitness parameters.  The advanced Tanita SC-331S provides total body composition readings including: Weight, Fat %, Fat Mass, Total Body Water, Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Bone Mass, a unique Visceral Fat indicator, Body Mass Index, and much more.  It also includes helpful Healthy Range Indicators that automatically compare several key measurements to their respective healthy range.  Barbara has paired the Tanita scale with Tanita’s HealthWare software, that provides enhanced graphing and sophisticated analysis. Each client, including children and athletes, are given the ability to scrutinize and graph personal data, contrasting their personal body composition measurements to reveal genuine health and fitness levels.

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