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A wise woman once told Barbara, “Find something you love, and you will never work a day in your life!”  Leaving her corporate career behind, Barbara began searching for her passion.  She discovered that healthy living is a way of living.   It is not something that can be measured on a scale.  Barbara joined her husband Dr. Ken Clenin’s family practice to further the scope of wellness delivery thru scientific based, medical services with natural, healing principles.  Serving the Memphis community together for 27 years, they now offer a proven weight loss protocol, an energy based, non-invasive body shaping technology, and breakthrough wellness treatments and services.

In 2011 Barbara founded Total Health Wellness Center to fight the modern day epidemic of obesity, poor health, and sedentary lifestyles in Memphis.  Her legendary hometown is often known for fatty foods like barbeque, ribs, and fried chicken; and out of shape bodies that need tone, exercise, and sculpting.  At Total Health, Barbara has successfully managed the loss of more than 35,000 pounds and inches, while beautifully shaping hundreds of bodies in her wellness center.  With an emphasis on education, accountability, and encouragement Barbara strives to make a positive contribution in each client’s pursuit of improved, healthy living.

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Total Health provides a small medical-boutique experience of personalized service.  No long waits in large, intimidating lobbies, rather a friendly, intimate atmosphere with customized treatments, specialty services, and individual-specific protocols.  Barbara believes in a comprehensive service approach to each and every client under Total Health’s care.  She is known and celebrated throughout the community by her clients and colleagues as a clinician that spends time with her patients, cares about their well-being, and wants them to feel good about their inner self, appearance, vitality, and health.




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Barbara often boasts that she employs the Best Staff in Town! Total Health’s certified team is caring, dedicated, talented, and skilled.  Client education also contributes to the center’s successful results, especially thru FREE weekly learning workshops and informative coaching sessions. Complimentary consultations establish current health conditions, set expectations, and deliver result oriented outcomes for Total Health’s special clientele.


Total Health is conveniently located in East Memphis at Poplar & I240, easily accessible in a free standing, beautifully decorated, brick-built building with spacious parking, featuring front and back door entrances . . . no large parking lots or garages, and no long walks for products and services.  The center’s environment is inviting, friendly, and intimate. Clients feel warmly welcomed in our center.


Please take a moment to browse through our website to learn more about Total Health. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by phone at 901-683-0178. We look forward to hearing from you.  Start your personal journey to wellness today!

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